Geelong Cats History

As one of the oldest sporting teams of any kind in the world, it’s not hard to imagine why the Geelong Cats have such a cult following in the Australian Football League (AFL).

As the co-founder of football in Australia, Thomas Wentworth Wills suggested the creation of the Geelong Football Club in 1859. It is considered the second oldest club football club, only pipped by the Melbourne Football Club, which was formed a little earlier in 1859.

Image courtesy of AFL Space

Initially aimed at maintaining the fitness of cricketers in the winter season, the Victorian Football Association (VFA) was created in 1858 with Wills as one of the sport’s founding fathers and a legendary club man for Geelong.

During the 1860’s and 1870’s, Australian football featured over 130 clubs playing in Melbourne and Geelong in a variety of fitness and ability stages. Wills suggested that the league be restructured and so it was, with eight of the best clubs remaining – Geelong, Carlton, St Kilda, North Melbourne, Essendon, East Melbourne, Albert Park and Melbourne.

Some would say that as one of the AFL’s founding clubs, the Geelong Football Club, or better known as the Geelong Cats has such a large following in the AFL community.

GO CATS! Is the terminology used by Geelong Cats supporters during their upward fight to continuous victory in the AFL. Get behind them and show your support!

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